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This article covers usage of JHtmlTabs in your Joomla! component for Joomla! versions Joomla 1.6 through Joomla 2.5 and greater. If you are using Joomla! Joomla 1.5, see How_to_use_the_JPane_classes_in_a_component.

Options for JHtmlTabs

onActive: A callback function when a tab is activated with two params. 'title' is the tab itself, and 'description' is the tab content.

onBackground: A callback function when a tab is backgrounded

startOffset: The default tab to start with (zero based index).

useCookie: Whether or not to use cookies to store tab active state. (true | false)


$options = array(
    'onActive' => 'function(title, description){
        description.setStyle("display", "none");
    'onBackground' => 'function(title, description){
        description.setStyle("display", "none");
    'useCookie' => 'true', // note the quotes around true, since it must be a string.
echo JHtml::_('tabs.start', 'tab_group_id', $options);
echo JHtml::_('tabs.panel', JText::_('PANEL_1_TITLE'), 'panel_1_id');
echo 'Panel 1 content can go here.';
echo JHtml::_('tabs.panel', JText::_('PANEL_2_TITLE'), 'panel_2_id');
echo 'Panel 2 content can go here.';
echo JHtml::_('tabs.end');