Version 1.6. Migration Notes

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Use this page to track migration issues for data moving from 1.5.x to 1.6. This informaion may be used in a migration script or may just prove useful to site developers trying to migrate.

Extension Numbering

In 1.6 the components and modules tables are removed in favor of a unified extensions table and core components are given a new set of numbers starting with 1.

Third party components start with xxxxx.

  • All core components are moved but any third party extensions in the components or modules tables will need to have new records inserted into the extensions table. (One record per module)
  • Menu items need to be updated so that the component_id field matches the new component number.

Template styles

Every template will need to have one default record inserted into the template_styles table. Each set of menu item specific parameter settings needs to be made into a style and the style inserted in the template_styles table. Menu items will then need to reference the style number.