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==Joomla! Security Guide==
==Joomla! Security Guide==
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* [[:Category:Security_Checklist|Joomla! Security Checklist]]
* [[:Category:Security_Checklist|Joomla! Security Checklist]]

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As a web designer you are concerned with the visual appearance and user functionality of a website. For example, you will want to know how to alter the visual style of an article but will usually not be concerned about the article content or how that content is entered and maintained. Your primary focus is the visitor experience. You will be knowledgeable about HTML and CSS but might have only rudimentary programming experience and so could need extra support when dealing with Javascript and PHP. Your knowledge of Joomla! itself may not be advanced as you may have to deal with a wide range of content management systems while working for a range of clients. You may be contracted to supply just a template or set of templates, or you may be asked to deliver a complete working website. You are likely to be increasingly concerned with issues of accessibility and will probably want to ensure that your designs pass various standard tests.

Joomla! Security Guide

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