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<translate> As a web developer you may not be too concerned about the visual appearance of a website as you are tasked with producing functionality. You will probably have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS but will also be proficient in Javascript, PHP and a range of other languages. If you are new to Joomla, you will need support in developing or customising Joomla! extensions (components, modules, plugins, templates and languages). You will need information about the Joomla! Framework API and how to use it and will probably make extensive use of best practice example code. A strong understanding of Joomla! security issues is also important to you.</translate>

What is Joomla! and why should I be interested?

Joomla! is the second most popular Content Management System in the world according to CMS Crawler, and is freely available to download and install. Released under the General Public License v2 and above - read more at Extensions_and_GPL#About_Joomla.21_and_the_GPL, anybody can work with all parts of the Joomla! CMS, make changes, customise it to fit their needs, and use it for commercial projects.

The world of website design is rapidly moving towards dynamically served content and away from static websites - Joomla! is well equipped to meet these needs and has the added bonus of a vibrant, enthusiastic community and a phenomenal amount of extensions, allowing you to extend the basic Joomla! installation in a multitude of ways - from creating social networks to ecommerce stores, corporate websites to intranets.

Once you understand the basics of how Joomla! works, it is quick and easy to learn how to extend it through writing custom components, adapting existing code, and creating your own templates.

Where do I get started?

How do I style a Joomla! website to be like my graphics visuals?

Getting started with content

Finding extensions to keep your client happy!

Search engine optimisation with Joomla!

Joomla! Security Guide

Joomla! Security Forums

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