Webinar: System Testing Part 1

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This one hour webinar introduces you to the Selenium IDE used to create system tests. It was recorded in June 2010. It is intended for Bug Squad members or anyone else who is interested in learning how to write system tests.

  • Overview of System Testing Process
  • Creating a basic system test
  • Creating an intermediate system test
  • Tips and tricks with Selenium IDE

On-Line Video Viewing Options[edit]

Webex WRF File (best quality, but some Linux systems can't use)
Click here to view the webinar online. Note that you can navigate to a specific topic in the viewer with the command Controls->Segment->Go to.
View MP4 Format
Some Linux systems have trouble viewing the Webex format. If so, you can click here to view it in MP4 format.
Vimeo Site
To view on the Vimeo website, click here.

Download Options[edit]

Webex WRF Format
You may download the file in WRF format and view it locally on a Windows or Mac PC. Click here to download the webinar WRF file (about 50 MB). Click here to download the WebEx viewer software. Be sure to select the .WRF player.
MP4 Format
You can also download the MP4 format (about 120 MB) by clicking here.