What is the typical template directory structure?

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Typical Template Directory Structure

It is most common for a template to have at least the following files:

  • index.php
Provides the logic for the display and positioning of modules and components.
  • component.php
Provides the logic for the display of the printer friendly page, "E-mail this link to a friend." etc.
  • template.css
Handles the presentational aspects of the template including specifications for margins, fonts, headings, image borders, list formatting, etc.
  • templateDetails.xml
Holds meta-information related to the template and is used by the Installer and the Template Manager.
  • template_thumbnail.ext - replace .ext with the extension format of the image (.jpg, .png, .gif)
Generally a 200x150 pixel image that is shown when the cursor is held over the template name in the Template Manager. This gives the Administrator a snapshot view of the template before applying it to the Site.

<translate> A typical template for Joomla! will include the following directories:

  • css - contains all the .css files
  • html - contains template override files for core output and module chrome
  • images - contains all images used by the template
  • language - contains additional language files used by the template</translate>

<translate> Depending on the complexity and design of the template is may also contain:

  • javascript - contains supporting JavaScript used by the template for added functionality</translate>

<translate>====Example structure with files==== </translate> <translate> Typical path of a template is <root>/public_html/domain-name/template/<name of your template> which will contain the following directories and files based on your template.</translate>