Wrongly rendered option labels in form fields under some circumstances

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There is a known issue in form fields of type radio and list (presumably also others that extend the list field class) concerning option label translating.

Error reported[edit]

Option value label rendered incorrectly. Duplicate option labels.

Versions affected[edit]

Reported for Joomla 3.9.14 but older and newer versions are also affected for sure.

What is the cause[edit]


The field definition:

<field name="moderator" type="radio" label="COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_TYPE">
    <option value="0">COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER</option>
    <option value="1">COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_MODERATOR</option>

1) The name of the field is moderator.

2) Look at the language strings of the option labels:



3) At least the second one is present in a language ini file of the extension or otherwise loaded.

Resulting issue: The first one will lead to an error (= wrong option label) because Joomla magic is transforming it to COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_MODERATOR while collecting the options for the output.

In other words: Joomla combines the language string COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER and the field name moderator to a wrong label COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_MODERATOR because COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_MODERATOR exists in the language ini file.

How to fix[edit]

Use another field name than moderator.


Use another language string than COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER_MODERATOR for option label.


Use another language string than COM_EXAMPLE_SPEAKER for option label.

More details[edit]

See https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/issues/27332