API Guides

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This page contains an index to the set of Joomla API Guides. These guides aim to help you understand how to use these Joomla functions in your own Joomla extensions.

Each API guide includes sample code which you can copy and install in your own development environment. Generally these code samples are written to be included and installed as Joomla module, so if you're not familiar with Joomla module development you may find going through the short series Creating a Simple Module useful.

Around Joomla 3.8 the Joomla development team began changing the naming convention of Joomla classes to use namespaces, so that for example JFactory changed to Factory in the Joomla\CMS namespace. As you read existing Joomla code and documentation you may find the classes following either the new or the old naming standard. You can find the mapping between the two naming conventions in the libraries/classmap.php file in your Joomla instance.