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User Group

User - Contact Creator


  • Automatic Webpage. A formatted string to automatically generate a contact's web page. [name] is replaced with the name, [username] is replaced with the username, [userid] is replaced with the user ID and [email] is replaced with the email.
  • Category. Category to assign contacts to by default.
  • Automatically Publish the Contact. Optionally have the automatically created contact set to the published state and visible to your website visitors.

User - Joomla API Token

Allows the management of security tokens used for authenticating to the Joomla API application (remote access to your site). These tokens are strictly personal. You can view your own token but you can only disable or reset other users' tokens.


  • Allowed User Groups. Select one or more to allow a group to use Joomla Tokens to authenticate to the Joomla API application.

User - Joomla!


  • Auto-create Users. Whether or not to automatically create registered Joomla! users where possible. Default is "Yes".
  • Notification Mail to User. When an administrator creates a user account, this determinates if an email, which has their username and password, is sent to the user.
  • Force Logout for all Sessions?. Set to No to disable this.

User - Profile

This plugin adds user profile capability to your website. Website users will be able to fill out profile fields that you enable in the options section of this plugin. You can control what profile fields are shown in the new user registration form and/or each user's editable profile screen. To control what fields are shown in the new user registration form, set the field options in the section labeled User profile information required at registration. For profile fields shown in the user's profile screen which it editable after login, set the field option in the options section labeled Required user profile information. For each field you have the following options:

  • Required. The field is visible in user profiles and users are required to fill it out.
  • Optional. The field is visible in user profiles but is optional and users do not need to fill it out.
  • Disabled. The field is disabled and not visible in user profiles.


  • All fields you can choose the three options with the exception of the Terms of Service field. The Terms of Service field is a choice between 'Required' and 'Disabled' that the user can click on to signify their agreement with the website's terms of service.

User - Terms and Conditions

This plugin allows to collect the consent of your users to the site's terms and conditions.


  • Short Terms & Conditions. Allows you to enter a summary of your Terms & Conditions or keep the existing one.
  • Terms & Conditions Article. Select or Create an article for your Terms & Conditions to link to your user's form.