GSOC Ideas Selection Criteria

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Call for your ideas / improvements to Joomla!

Every year there is an open call for the community to submit ideas/improvements for the Joomla! Google Summer of Code. We always get a very good response (Thank you all!), but sometimes it is possible that some ideas do not qualify to the official Project Ideas Page.

GSoC 2018 Idea submission form


Here are some of the important points that should be considered before your idea submission:

  • Your idea needs to be realistic.
The idea may be completed within the time period of GSoC. Ideally we have just one student working on each project so the amount of work should be realistic and achievable.
  • Technical challenges / architecture
Please don't forget that you work with students. Don't underestimate their skills, but also don't overestimate them. They are mostly not experienced with Joomla! MVC and meanwhile they maybe know PHP, they could lack JavaScript knowledge etc. And don't expect them to come up with perfect architectural solutions, this would be your work!
  • Idea should be feasible.
If your idea has already been planned in the coming release of Joomla! than their are very high chances that it might not be selected, because the work is already divided and planned.
  • Production department approves the ideas and provides feedback for all of them.
If Production feels some idea is going to be not fitting into Joomla. Or is too complex and might not be implemented in the limited time we have got for GSoC, we go with the suggestion of Productoin and drop the idea.
  • Every idea needs a mentor.
There are a lot of good ideas, but if there is no available Mentor, which is able to help a student during the period of GSoC, it can't be added to the list of ideas.