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Welcome to Joomla Google Summer of Code 2022
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This page will aim to be a general informational page for students, mentors and others interested in Joomla's Google Summer of Code Program.

Make sure to check out the 2022 project list

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a very popular and well known FOSS content management system powering currently around 3-4% of the internet. Joomla developers are currently working on multiple projects.

  • Joomla 4.x was released in August 2021, and this year's GSoC projects are aimed at developing new features or significantly enhancing existing features for the next major release of Joomla 4.x. Joomla 4.x is maintained for bugs, security and feature enhancements.
  • Joomla 3.x Version is still being supported, but the focus for this version is bug and security patches only. No new features are being introduced going forward in Joomla 3.x.

Additionally, when you look through Joomla's Github Repositories there are many side projects related to testing, performance, and other things.

It's important to note that joomla-cms is the primary repository for the development of the CMS.

What is GSoC?

Google Summer of Code is a program run by Google for college students interested in getting a stipend to contribute to Open Source Software. They will spend their summer with improving and writing new features for the project. Visit the Google Summer of Code website to learn more.

GSoC Project Timeline

Before getting onboard for this year's program, please familiarise yourself with:

Become a contributor

If you still think GSoC is for you, express your interest in participating in GSoC 2022 as a Contributor by filling in the Joomla GSoC 2022 registration form.

Once we receive your form, you will receive:

  • Some more information on participating in GSoC with Joomla
  • An invitation to join Joomla's organisation chat (using RingCentral)
  • Be added to a general chanel on RingCentral where we'll interact with all interested students during the application phase.
  • Be added to a personal channel on RingCentral where you'll be able to interact with mentors for the project you're interested in.

Project Proposal

Please check the GSoC Student Application Template to understand what we are expecting from your proposal.

Last years projects:

Information For Students

Information for Mentors

Any questions please do contact the Joomla GSoC Core Team 2022:

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Getting familiar with Joomla

Not familiar with Joomla, Github and new to Open Source? You may be best upskilling, getting set up and getting familiar with Joomla before you apply for GSoC. Visit the Contribute to Joomla page to find out all the different ways you can help. You can get familiar with using Joomla by helping with many other aspects apart from coding. Whether it's contributing documentation, adding translations in your language, participating in marketing activities or writing a magazine article, there's many ways to still make a contribution if you're not experienced with coding, bug testing or developing in PHP.

Setting up your Joomla Development Environment

Here are some resources for getting familiar with Joomla and installing a Joomla Development environment:


Read this Joomla Magazine Article that walks through the entire process of installing XAMPP on Windows, installing Joomla 4, and adding the Joomla Patch Tester


Setting Up Your Local Environment guide on Joomla Docs assumes you are familiar with the base concepts needed, but has links through to various concepts of setting up your local environment to help.


Check out Tushar's Github Guide - This guide assumes you have a local dev environment set up and are already familiar with using Git for development version control.

Development Tools

Joomla developers also have a number of tools that they use, and on RingCentral you will find channels for some of these tools where you can get further assistance with using them to develop in Joomla: