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The Google Summer of Code Joomla Team (GSoC) falls under the responsibility of the Production Department, which oversees all aspects related to the code of all software lead by the Joomla! Project.
Please visit the Volunteers Portal to get an overview of the members of this team.


The purpose of the Joomla! Google Summer of Code (GSoC) team is to manage the Joomla! participation of GSoC.


  1. Application and slot request Google Summer of Code: The GSoC Admins fill out the application for GSoC and after the students applied, they are doing the final slot request.
  2. Select students, mentors and projects: The GSoC admin team works in close relationship with the production team leadership on selecting appropriate projects for Joomla. They also select the mentors, after a call for volunteers and organize together with them the student selection.
  3. Project Management and review: During the projects, Mentors and GSoC admins review and collaborate with the students to have a successful outcome of the project.
  4. Provide reports, stats and insights: Keep the community informed over the progress, hold close contact to the involved Teams and the leadership.
  5. Keep in contact with the GSoC: Attend the GSoC summit, keep up the good relationship with GSoC program and manage.


  • Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader: They are coordinating the team's activities, collaborate with the LT and with the other teams.
  • GSoC Admin: They organize the GSoC, keep in close contact with the mentors and students. Review their work and help solving organizational issues.
  • Mentor: These members are responsible for the implementation of on GSoC project together with a student. They have weekly meetings, review the student's progress and help with all questions, which show up for the project.
  • Liaison: They connect to other involved teams, like Marketing or JDocs.