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This page is a translated version of the page J4.x:Adding a menu link in an article and the translation is 54% complete.

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  1. 記事編集画面へ
    • 記事へ画面へ移動し    既存の記事をクリックして編集 するか
    • 新規をクリックして新しいコンテンツを作成    記事-ページでコンテンツを入力後保存します。保存していない場合は、ボタンが表示されません
  2. On the Article: Edit page you can click on New Menu Item to open the depending modal popup
    Article Edit page-en.png
  3. Fill in the Menu Title, as Menu Item Type choose Single Article and select the newly created article. Remember to choose the correct Menu on the right where the link should appear. Note: You can select a single article but also multiple ones, e.g. by category
    Fill in the form for a new menu item-en.png
  4. Click Save&Close and head to Menus    [The Menu with the new Item]. You should now see the new item in the list
    Menu Item Created-en.png