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Joomla Documentation Wiki Maintenance[edit]

Maintaining a wiki and keeping it organised takes a lot of continuous work on the part of administrators, editors and users. There are always tasks needing attention. Here's a range of areas you can help with improving:

Content Needing Maintenance[edit]

Content to Organize[edit]

Content to Create[edit]

Tutorials to Create[edit]

The Joomla Documentation team have grouped a number of tasks together in projects to assist with developing documentation for Joomla. Current projects are listed at JDOC Projects. You might find that in writing detailed help articles on a particular subject, you can add that content to the relevant JDOC Project to help with the particular focus of that topic area.

Content to Translate[edit]

Quickstart Resources to Assist You[edit]

There's a number of additional Special Pages on the Joomla! Documentation Wiki, covering other wiki resources that can be used for maintenance and reporting tasks.