Volunteer Engagement

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This category highlights documentation managed by the VET.

Volunteer Engagement Team (VET)[edit]

  • Recruitment
  • Implement processes for easy onboarding of new volunteers
  • Connect them into the Joomla structure and to the different teams
  • Lookout for new potential team members inside the community
  • Talk and connect to first time contributors on our platforms
  • Lookout for potential members outside the community
  • Reach out to other open source communities, blogs etc. like
  • Provide starter guides, documentation and more and make that visible!
  • Get in contact with potential members at events (Joomla ones and outside)
  • Recognition, reward and honour volunteers.
  • Retention, keeping volunteers.

Get Involved[edit]

If you're interested in joining the Volunteer Engagement Team reach out via the contact form on the team page.