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Un evento Joomla! Pizza Bug and Fun (PBF) 19 ottobre 2019 si svolge in molti paesi del mondo. Questo wiki sarà utilizzato come risorsa centrale per coordinare gli sforzi e accumulare i risultati di questo evento.


Che tu sia un principiante, un principiante o un professionista, un grafico o un programmatore, che tu abbia un'agenzia o un sito di club, che tu sia una donna o un uomo, che tu sia giovane o vecchio, Pizza Bugs and Fun fa per te. L'evento è per chi già lavora con Joomla o vuole conoscere prima Joomla. Conta solo il tuo interesse per Joomla! Tutti sono i benvenuti. Il 19 ottobre 2019 vi invitiamo tutti gli utenti appassionati di Joomla, indipendentemente dalle vostre conoscenze precedenti, a rendere Joomla! ancora migliore. Siamo grati per qualsiasi supporto! La partecipazione è gratuita, bevande analcoliche e una pizza inclusa.

  • Joomla 4: Joomla 4.0 is coming soon, but it still has a lot of bugs and feature requests that are untested, which means they cannot be added into the Joomla core.
  • Documentation: There are lots of Documents that need writing. Tutorials and Help Screens needed for Joomla! 4.
  • Documentation Translation: At the PBF Event we hope to translate lots of English documents into other languages to give Joomla! users as much information as possible in their language.
  • Patch testing: As a main rule, new functions for Joomla have to be tested before they can be merged into an official release. Usually, it takes only a few minutes and you can help make Joomla better.


In questo documento si dovrebbero trovare informazioni su come è organizzato questo evento. Se non trovate quello che state cercando, ecco alcune FAQ:

  1. Q: Where can I register if I want to join? A: Contact a Joomla! User Group (JUG) near you or write an email to the team [1].
  2. Q: I can't go to a location - can I join online? A: Yes! You only need a computer and an internet connection, but unfortunately you have to order your own pizza.

Organization, logistics and communications

This PBF is organized by local Joomla! User Groups (JUGs). You can find more information on the special event page:

If you would like to participate but you don't have a user group nearby. Or you are Joomla User Group and want to join. Just do it! There are a few requirements:

  • You need a room with WiFi access
  • You need some Joomlers equipped with a laptop and motivation.
  • Do not hesitate to send an email to or contact the team on | Glip.

Of course, you can also join from home, but where is the fun without the community and the pizza?

Social Media

For sharing information in the social media please use this hashtag: #pbf19.


If you want to get people together and have a venue to share, please add it below. Share as many details as possible, like exact location, URL for more information about the venue, ways to register, date and time when the venue is available etc. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact the Team ([2]).


  • Kenya - Nairobi
  • Namibia - Windhoek
  • Uganda - Kampala
  • Nigeria - Lagos


  • India - Maharashtra
  • India - Dheli


  • Belgique - Mont-Saint-Guibert
  • Czech Republic - Olomouc
  • Denmark - Dianalund
  • Germany - Friedberg (Bavaria)
  • Germany - Berlin
  • Germany - Cologne
  • Germany - Nuremberg
  • Germany - Möhnesee-Günne
  • Germany - Stuttgart
  • Germany - Gießen
  • Italy - Milano
  • Netherlands - Bussum
  • Austria - Wien
  • United Kingdom - Essex
  • United Kingdom - Gravesend
  • United Kingdom - London
  • Greece - Athens

Nord America

  • USA - Arlington Heights
  • USA - New Brunswick

Oceania and Australia

  • Australia - West End, Brisbane

Sud America


For write access to this wiki

To get write access to this wiki you will need to register here first. Please be aware that the registration process requires a valid email address. If you are traveling to one of the physical locations you are advised to ensure that you have registered on this wiki and have a valid login before you travel. You don't need access to your email account after registration.

At a physical location

If you wish to be present at one of the physical locations listed above then you must register in advance because space most likely is limited. Registrations are the responsibility of the individual location organizers and you should click on the appropriate link above for more information.

Taking bugs, tasks and pizza

Pizza can be ordered at a shop near by :-)


  • All code must be made available under the General Public Licence version 2.
  • All documentation contributions must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License. Further information on the JEDL is available in the JEDL Frequently Asked Questions
  • No advertising or self-promotion will be allowed. This includes backlinks to your website or anyone else's. The one exception is that if you have made a contribution then feel free to add your name and an optional link to your website to the Contributors List
  • All contributions must be in English. Note that the official language of the Joomla Project is British/Australian English.

Preparations and installations

1.Watch the video trainings

2.Communication tools

That's how teamwork works these days :-)

In the Glip/RingCentral Chatroom you can ask questions and exchange ideas. Glip and GitHub For example if you need further clarification for a patch test.

3.Setting up a Joomla! installation

Required if you want to test patches. There are two ways to get a Joomla! installation at PBF:

  • Option 1: The online PBF environment is available shortly before the PBF event and is also suitable for participants with little system knowledge.
  • Option 2 allows you to set up a local installation on your device. You can find instructions here.

4.JDoc Contributions

If you don't want to test patches but still want to give back a lot of support to the community, help writing the JDocs for Joomla! 4.

You will find all information you need to get started here. Please read:

5.JDocs Translations

If you don't want to test patches but still want to give back and support the community, help to translate the JDocs.

Here you will find all the information you will need to get started. Please read How to Contribute to Joomla! Documentation.

JDocs Contributors

List will be completed during the event: Contributors List

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