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Become a Contributor

All you need to start contributing is a GitHub account.

A good starting point is testing pull requests (PRs), as we always need at least 2 successful tests for each PR before it can be merged. Detailed instructions for testing Joomla! patches are found on the documentation site.

If you are comfortable with coding, you can create PRs for open issues as well.

We use Glip for team communication, so you are encouraged to create an account there, if you have not yet. The "Bug Squad Public Discussion" channel is for Bug Squad contributors. Drop a mail to the Bug Squad, if you can't get into that channel. You will be added manually then.

Joomla! uses GitHub as its code repository and the Joomla! Issue Tracker for reporting bugs. You will need your GitHub user account to

Become a Member

As a member of the Bug Squad, you are expected to mentor contributors, scan the various communication channels for potential issues, and to support the developers to prevent and fix bugs.

If you accept the challenge, send an email request to the Bug Squad with a short description of your expertise to request membership.

See Bug Squad Team