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Joomla! 4.x


16 years after the first version Joomla! 4 was released on 17th August 2021.

What new features comes with Joomla! 4?

  • Bootstrap 5 in the core
  • Fontawesome Icons
  • Workflow for publishing content
  • New backend based on Bootstrap 5
  • Use of more Joomla! framework packages
  • Revised event management system
  • Introduction of a service container for global dependency management
  • Removal of jQuery from the core
  • Framework for agnostic web components
  • Faster page load times

This portal brings together information and further links related specifically to Joomla! 4.

The relevant sections contain general information as well as targeted information for users, administrators and developers can be accessed from here.


This section contains general information to help you learn more about Joomla 4 and what you need to know to get up and running with a Joomla 4. It provides resources for people considering using Joomla and resources to help existing Joomla Administrators or Developers to migrate from Joomla! 3.

What is Joomla! 4?

Joomla 4 is an Open Source, robust, secure and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that enables website creators to produce powerful websites.

Maintaining content, the system and users is made easy by the use of software features that benefits from the skills and experience of a strong community of volunteers that have been maintaining and improving Joomla versions since 2005.

Key features of Joomla 4 are:

Security First: With a focus on security built in, Joomla 4 helps you protect your data, brand and your visitors.

Flexible: Joomla's Layout and Overrides System and built in Extendable Functions make it easy to create customised solutions for your website. There are over 6,500 verified extensions and high quality templates available, many for free.

Open Source: Open Source, open to scrutiny. More scrutiny drives better code quality. Developers can find and fix bugs fast.

SEO Optimised: Search Engine Optimization is built in allowing you to control your SEO your way.

Multilingual Content: With Joomla 4 you have a CMS that is multilingual out of the box. Allow for language specific pages so that they meet the cultural differences your clients need.

Room to Grow: Growing is essential for any business and using Joomla 4 you have all the room you need to scale up when necessary.

More about Joomla! 4 Benefits and Features

Where can I get Joomla! 4?

You can download Joomla 4 from our download portal: https://downloads.joomla.org.

How can I install Joomla! 4?

Read: Installing Joomla to learn how Joomla can be installed.

How can I migrate from Joomla! 3.x to Joomla! 4x?

If you are running a J3.x website, the first step is to upgrade your site to Joomla! 3.10x which is a "bridge" between version 3 and 4. The Joomla 3.10x version has an integrated migration check up for Joomla! 4, the Pre-Update_Check component. The check up advises on the readiness of your server environment, database, extensions and templates. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments or changes before carrying out the migration.

Read: Joomla_3.x_to_4.x_Step_by_Step_Migration

Where can I find more information about using Joomla 4?

There is a wide range of information available. For getting started read: Getting Started with Joomla

A helpful list of documents can be found here: Pages in Category: Joomla! 4.x


Joomla 4 comes with a clean looking and easy to use administration interface that allows you to manage all aspects of your Joomla installation and website content.

Its Home Dashboard provides a set of configurable panels providing site notifications and quick access to a wide range of tasks such as adding an article or changing global configuration of the site.

A sidebar menu provides access to all areas of the administration interface via direct shortcuts for tasks such as adding an article or a new module, or to dashboards such as the System Dashboard and the Components Dashboard.

If you're migrating from Joomla 3, once you have got used to the new interface you'll feel right at home.

What changes comes with Joomla 4?

Joomla 4 comes by default with Bootstrap 5 and plain JavaScript scripts. It includes jQuery for backwards compatibility and Bootstrap 5 compatibility. jQuery is not used at Joomla 4 core level.

Icons are now from Fontawesome.

Joomla 4 comes with built in features across the administration interface that improve productivity and allow flexibility on how you want to do things.

For example, related tasks such as articles, categories, tags and menus can be achieved together rather than as separate tasks. However, as the needs of Administrators and Content Writers are often different, you can also carry out the tasks individually, in the relevant administration area.

What are the official reference extensions for Joomla 4?

Where can I find Joomla 4 compatible extensions?

The Joomla 4 Extensions; Install page has an Install from Web option. By default it lists the extensions available in the official Joomla! Extensions Directory for your current version.

Alternatively you can go to: Joomla! Extensions Directory


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