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What is Time4Joomla?[edit]

It is using those small chunks of time we all waste away on things that would help the Joomla project.

How to Give Time4Joomla[edit]

That's the great part with Time4Joomla. There are many ways you can help and you can dive in and find the task that fits your skill set and your time resources.

Help Other Joomla Users[edit]

There's a number of Joomla community resources online that you can visit to share your expertise and experience with others.

Forum.joomla.org Joomla Stack Exchange

There's active discussions across a number of social media platforms that you might be interested in participating in too. Participating in conversations can often help users

Joomla Facebook Group Joomla Linkedin Group Joomla Reddit

Write Documentation for Joomla[edit]

Docs.joomla.org Get started contributing to Joomla Documentation.

Translate Joomla[edit]

Check out this article from the Joomla Magazine on how to get started.

Test Joomla[edit]

The CMS release team has a sheet of tests that anyone who is familiar with Joomla can help complete. But your spare time may not fall within the release cycle window. If that's the case there is a project to automate some of these tests. If your journey to work results in a test written then that 15 minutes will save the project hours and days over the coming years!

Help Promote Joomla[edit]

So under this heading would come voting in awards, finding awards to vote in and supporting Joomla in any comments section for an awards. A good example is the CMS Critic Awards Nominations.

Keep an eye out for announcements in such online tools and find ways to participate, nominating Joomla, voting and promoting the Joomla platform.

TrustRadius at the time of writing this article does not list Joomla in their top CMS. https://www.trustradius.com/cms#toprated

In their criteria page they state the things that need to happen to make Joomla appear
  • Recency: Product must have 10 or more recent reviews (from the past year)
  • Rating: Product must have a trScore of 7.5 or higher
  • Relevance: Product must earn at least 1.5% of the site traffic in the category

With a few more people spending some minutes filling in reports, Joomla can feature once again in such a forum.

Other Ways to Help[edit]

Find posts about Joomla and add to them in the comments sections. Many articles are written by third parties and are often wrong in fact, based on very old versions or cast a poor light on Joomla. You can search out examples and then put your point of view. It's more productive than reading the latest tips on removing red wine from the carpet and could just persuade someone to give Joomla another go. Find a poll asking about CMS and vote for Joomla.

Participate in Joomla Events[edit]

Around the world you'll find local Joomla User Groups and Joomla Events running year-round. Post-pandemic, User Groups and Events should return to a more normal footing, but at the moment check the Joomla Events page for upcoming sessions, or follow various Joomla social media channels to see when events are announced.

Get Involved with Joomla[edit]

That's far from the exhaustive list of ways to contribute to Joomla, but it's a great list of ways to get started and giving some Time4Joomla.

If you do have more time available, and a skill set that you think can help the project, then there's a number of teams looking for members and contributors to help achieve their missions.

You can find details about many of them in other Community Openings articles over recent months, or jump over to the Contribute to Joomla page. The easiest way to tell us you're interested is to email contact-vet@community.joomla.org and tell us more about what your skills are and what you'd like to get involved with.