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Let me use this page to introduce myself.

My real name is Jan Meijer. The Dutch name Jan means my gender is male! I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1946, what means I am old vintage. I used to work as an IT consultant for a European reseller company and only recently started my own consulting company. This is where I got interested in WikiPedia and MediaWiki in particular. I think it is a great product for cooperatively creating websites such as the Joomla! documentatie site. That is why I registered as user for this website. Not that I am a Joomla! wizard, on the contrary, I just installed my first Joomla! site which is not even online yet!

Nevertheless I think I will be able to put the experience I get from setting up one site (and at least another one to come!) into pages for this site. If you are interested in communcating about this, please let me know! JanEnEm

My participation

My activities on this webite will at first be only slightly, due to lack of Joomla! knowledge. So I will be a willing ear and eye, just to read and interpret what others are doing. Meanwhile I'll make suggestions and corrections through discussion pages and real editing, as can be expected on a community site.

Once I start with the real work, i.e. creating and editing pages on the Joomla! subject, I intend to document hat on this page.

I encourage you all to communicate with me through my Discussion page!

Things I do here

  • I created a (user)page with references other user pages I found to be intersting enough for me to mention .. Other Users...
  • For my own sake I created a list of documentation pages, either 'complete' or in rudimental stage of the documentation of Joomla! templates. I found it an absolute necessity to do this, since it allowed me to learn more about templates and how they affect the composition of my Joomla! website. See Joomla Templates


Just to keep Joomla! items together for myself and maybe for others too, I create a list of references to other Joomla! related websites.

  • is a communication site for Joomla! developers and site builders.
  • is a place where originally (before this wiki was set up) documentation were to be found. It still contains interesting sublinks to toher places ...
  • is the Dutch Joomla! community site where a lot of Joomla! knowledge is melted into an interesting, though in Dutch language, website.
  • is the site of JoomlaPack. This is a neat backup and recovery tool for Joomla! websites.


To allow discussions to be accompanied by examples I use the following subpage(s) User:JanEnEm/Discussions.