Webinar: Overview of Tracker Process

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General Information

Please be aware these videos may refer to and creating an account to report bug on is no longer used for bug tracking by Joomla! Please refer to Bug Squad pages and the use of our Issue Tracker.

June 2012 Webinars

These 1-hour webinars include a brief introduction to the Joomla! Issue Tracker and the Git version control work flow for Bug Squad volunteers in the Testing and Tracker groups. These webinars cover mostly the same information. The second webinar (June 12) includes more detail about using Git.

June 2009 Webinar

This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of the processing of issues through the tracker. It was recorded in June 2009. It is intended for new Bug Squad members to orient them to the tracker and our procedures. Topics covered include:

  • Joomla! Code of Conduct
  • Wiki, Bug Tracker, and Joomla! Bug Forum
  • Using the Tracker
  • Joomla! Bug Squad Roles
  • "Gatekeeper" Process
  • "Tester" Process
  • "Coder" Process
  • Creating a Patch File in Eclipse

This webinar was recorded using the WebEx .WRF file format. You may download the file and view it locally. Click here to download the WebEx viewer software. Be sure to select the .WRF player. Click here to download the webinar WRF file.

The WebEx software does work under Wine on Ubuntu 10.04

Update as of 7 June 2011: The webinar can be viewed locally in Firefox on Ubuntu 10.10 without using wine.

  • Open Ubuntu Sofware Centre
  • Search 'icedtea java plug-in' and install