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A menu item is a link to content. Menus are constructed of multiple menu items. To add a new menu item:

  1. Log in to the Joomla! Back-end Administrator.
  2. Select the menu you wish to add an item to by clicking on the corretc menu in the list in the Menus toolbar menu.
    • Alternately click Menus > Menu Manager on the toolbar menu and then click the Edit Menu Item(s) icon in the appropriate row of the Menu Manager screen.
  3. Click the New toolbar button to open the Menu Item: New screen.
  4. Select the appropriate menu item type. For example to insert a single Article select Internal Link > Articles > Article Layout.
  5. Complete the Menu Item Details section as required:
    • Title: This is what is displayed when the menu item is published.
    • Alias: Used for the SEF features of Joomla!