How to use the Template Manager

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In the updated Joomla 3.2 Template Manager you can edit files, create files and folders and even create overrides directly inside your admin area.

Access the Template Manager

  • Go to Extensions  Template Manager and click Templates on the left-hand side.
  • You'll see a list of all the templates on your site:


  • Click the Template Details and Files link:


  • You'll now see an overview of your template files on the left-hand side:


  • Click any file and you'll be able to edit it directly in the browser:


Using the Template Manager Toolbar

When you're inside the Template Manager, you'll see a toolbar like the one below:


  • Click the "Copy Template" button and you'll be able to make a complete copy of your existing template.

Creating a copy like this could be very useful for testing purposes. It used to be much more difficult.


  • Click the "Template Preview" button and you'll immediately see a frontend preview of your template with the module positions marked:


  • Click the "Manager Folders" button and you'll be able to create new folders inside your template.


  • Click the "New File" button and you'll be able to create a new file or upload one from your desktop.


  • When you create a file, Joomla will offer you a variety of the most popular formats:


Creating Overrides

One of my favorite features of the new Template Manager is how easy it makes overrides.

Previously it was almost impossible to get a clean overview of what override possibilities were available on a Joomla site.

  • Click the "Create Overrides" tab and the new Template Manager presents all of the possibilities in one neat list:


  • Click on a component and you'll get all the possibilities inside that one component. In this example, I clicked on com_content:


  • Click on one of the possibilities, for example "article", and you'll see this message:


  • Go back to the Editor screen and your override files will be available for editing:


A Google Summer of Code Success

This new Template Manager was a Google Summer of Code 2013 project.

The coder was Ram Tripathi, a student from Delhi. He formed a very successful partnership with his mentor Ken Crowder, a long-time Joomla developer. Congrats to both of them and to all of this year's Google Summer of Code team.