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New to contributing to Joomla! Documentation?

If you're new to helping with Joomla! Documentation, and have come to this page as a starting point, we suggest you start at the How to Contribute to Joomla! Documentation page instead.

Joomla Documentation Wiki Maintenance

Maintaining a wiki and keeping it organised takes a lot of continuous work on the part of administrators, editors and users. There are always tasks needing attention. Here's a range of areas you can help with improving:

Content needing maintenance

Content to organize

Content to create

Tutorials to create

The Joomla Documentation team have grouped a number of tasks together in projects to assist with developing documentation for Joomla. Current projects are listed at JDOC Projects. You might find that in writing detailed help articles on a particular subject, you can add that content to the relevant JDOC Project to help with the particular focus of that topic area.

Content to Translate

Quickstart Resources to assist you

There's a number of additional Special Pages on the Joomla! Documentation Wiki, covering other wiki resources that can be used for maintenance and reporting tasks.