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* [[Restricted_access|Restricted access]]
* [[Restricted_access|Restricted access]]
See FAQ: [[|Joomla! Extensions Security]]

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This article is designed to help Extension Developers (who want to be listed at JED), JED Editors (consistence for extensions approval) and general users (on reporting JED entries).

To be approved and listed in JED an entry must be verified in a 4 steps checklist process

  • You are now in fourth step

List D1 - Installation

Could this be installed with Joomla?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Install with Joomla installer? YES!
  • Some specific extensions are installed by extension special installer
2 Extensions needs a hack to install? No
3 Extensions needs manual copy file to install? No
  • Exceptions available for Payment systems
4 Extensions hacks Joomla files? No
  • Please contribute with code to Joomla Core
5 Extensions changes other extension files? Only if the changes are reverted upon uninstall
  • Extension hacks are not allowed!

List D2 - Basic Functionality

This is not intended for a full test thet should be performed by developers and users.

Does it works in a Joomla site?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Component configuration on Admin Menu works? YES!
2 Module can be published? YES
3 Plugin can be activated and site/article its working? YES
  • Legacy plugin requires a note on Joomla! version compatibility
4 In the component, is it possible to add a new item/category/file? YES

List D3 - Security

This is not intended for a full security test.

Does it presents a security risk?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Listed at Vulnerable Extensions List NO!
2 Permissions: requires a 777 permission to install or run NO!
3 Sanitized: statement for Restricted access at top of the PHP files? YES!

See FAQ: [Extensions Security]

List D4 - Uninstall

Does it breaks a Joomla site?
Item What? Publishable?
1 After uninstall, Site or Admin returns errors? NO!

Everything OK? Publish extension!

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