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Related Help Screens Description
Articles: Options Used to set global defaults for menu items that display articles. These default values will be used when 'Use Global' is selected for an option in an Articles menu item.
Articles The Article list is used to find, mark featured, add and edit articles.
Articles: Edit This is where you can add and edit Articles. You can also select the Category for an Article and indicate whether or not it is Published and if it is selected to appear on the Front Page.
Articles: Featured Used to control which 'Featured Articles' are displayed on the Front Page and in what order they are displayed.
Articles: Categories The Articles Categories list is used to find, add, and edit articles categories.
Menus: Archived Articles Shows a customised list of articles ordered by date or title. Archived articles are no longer published but are still stored on the site.
Menus: Category Blog Used to show articles belonging to a specific Category in a blog layout. Controls the Leading Articles, Intro Articles and additional links to more Articles.
Menus: Category List Used to show articles belonging to a specific Category in a list layout.
Menus: Create Article Allows users to submit an article. Normally this is available only to users who have logged in to the Frontend of the site. Users must have permission to create articles.
Menus: Featured Articles Used to show all Articles that have been tagged as Featured. Articles are shown in a Blog Layout.
Menus: List All Categories in an Article Category Tree Used to show a hierarchical list of Categories. Depending on the selected options for this layout, you can click on a category Title to show the articles in that category.
Menus: Single Article Used to show one article.