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The Documentation Working Group currently maintains the following websites:

This entire site is automatically generated by the phpDocumentor package from an analysis of the Joomla! source code and making use of specially formatted comments embedded in the source code itself. It is an invaluable tool for all Joomla! developers.

The concept behind is that it will become the central resource for developing single-source modular documentation within the Joomla! project. The idea is that we write stuff once then re-use it in a somewhat analogous way to modern OOP software development. By building a central database of document "chunks" we gain maximum benefit from the efforts of a limited number of authors and we produce "agile" documents where a single change is rapidly propagated to all the derived documents affected.

Those interested in the techniques will find more information here.

Those of you, who are not very experienced in image editing and might want to improve the quality of their screenshots should read the tutorial Taking Screenshots – How To Enhance.

Joomla! help screens are created on this wiki and are shown in the backend of any Joomla! website from here.