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As a documentor you have the unenviable task of creating material for a wide range of readers from beginning users to advanced professional developers. You will need to know how to use various tools (such as this wiki) and you will need to read guidelines and other meta documents. You will probably need to update those documents over time too.


Palun hoia meeles, et projekti ametlik keel on briti inglise keel (en-GB). Ameerika inglise keel kipub mõnikord dokumentatsiooni sisse pugema, aga kui märkad selliseid kohti, siis võid neid vabalt parandada.

The following material is important for documentators working on all areas of the Joomla! project.

Dokumentatsiooni wiki

The bulk of the documentation effort now revolves around this wiki.

Internal References

  • List of local wiki templates that can be used in your wiki pages. Templates reduce repetition and are the basis of modular documentation.
  • List of local wiki extensions that have been installed on this wiki. Extensions provide additionally functionality to the wiki such as syntax highlighting and link search.
  • List of local interwiki links that are available on this wiki. These provide useful shortcuts to creating URLs to other websites including the Joomla! forum, help screens and issue tracker; as well as links to the PHP documentation or Wikipedia.

Abiinfo tekstid

Dokumentatsiooni töörühm vastutab ametliku abiinfo lehekülgede kirjutamise ja haldamise eest. Joomla! versioonides 1.5.x ja vanemates peab abiinfo olema Joomlas. Alates Joomla! versioonist 1.6 on võimalik abiinfot majutada selles vikis.