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MediaWiki templates should not to be confused with Joomla! templates! MediaWiki templates are "boiler-plate" items that can be included in your wiki pages by inserting a simple reference.

Incomplete Content Notice

Insert {{Content-incomplete}} to obtain the following notice: Template:Content-incomplete

Standard License Notice

Insert {{license}} to obtain the following notice:

<translate> License</translate>

<translate> The contents of this wiki are subject to copyright law and are made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License (JEDL) unless otherwise stated. You may find the JEDL Frequently Asked Questions useful in determining if your proposed use of this material is allowed. If you have any questions regarding licensing of this material please contact If you wish to report a possible violation of the license terms for the material on this site then please contact</translate>

Page In Use Notice

Insert {{inuse}} to obtain the following notice:

Quill icon.png
Page Actively Being Edited!

This project page is actively undergoing a major edit for a short while.
As a courtesy, please do not edit this page while this message is displayed. The user who added this notice will be listed in the page history. This message is intended to help reduce edit conflicts; please remove it between editing sessions to allow others to edit the page. If this page has not been edited for several hours, please remove this template, or replace it with {{underconstruction}} or {{incomplete}}.

Under Construction Notice

Insert {{underconstruction}} to obtain the following notice:

Documentation all together tranparent small.png
Under Construction

This project page or section is in the process of an expansion or major restructuring. You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well. If this project page or section has not been edited in several days, please remove this template.
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Article Reviews

Once you're done with editing please replace {{underconstruction}} and {{inuse}} with {{review}}. This will add your document to the Category:Under review.

This Page Needs Your Help

This page is tagged because it NEEDS REVIEW. You can help the Joomla! Documentation Wiki by contributing to it.
More pages that need help similar to this one are here. NOTE-If you feel the need is satistified, please remove this notice.

Table of Contents

You will get a table of contents box on each page by default as soon as you start making use of headings and subheadings on the page. The default table of contents box is located on the left and text does not flow around it. You can make the table of contents box float right by inserting {{RightTOC}} at the appropriate place in your page. You can also suppress the table of contents box altogether by inserting __NOTOC__ at the top of the page.

Shortcuts, Links & Navigation

Some URLs can become utterly long, some are ugly, and some are just tedious to type over and over again. Adding categories to a page can become equally annoying.

To simplify your job try some of the following templates. Similar to the interwikis, they're true keystroke-savers:

  • {{jsite|keyword}}, for example:
{{jsite}} =
{{jsite|forum}} =
{{jsite|ext}} = For more see {{jsite}}.
  • {{jforum|keyword}}, shortcuts for the many Working Group fora, i.e.
{{jforum}} =
{{jforum|doc}} = Documentation forum
{{jforum|devdoc}} = Developer Documentation forum. For more see {{jforum}}.
an excerpt of categorisation templates and typing-aids coming soon! --CirTap 14:52, 20 January 2008 (EST)