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This team has the very important and sometimes difficult job of filtering all of the forum posts and bug reports and sorting out which ones are real bugs that are ready to be worked on. From the standpoint of the tracker, their job is to move issues from Open status to Confirmed status. Of course, many issues will also be put into other status codes, including Information Required, Needs Review, Duplicate, Not a Bug, and so on.

Before an issue is marked Confirmed, it needs to be reproduced and documented so that others can reproduce the problem.

The Tracker Team should also make sure the issue has the correct Type and Priority. Remember, many users reporting bugs are not familiar with all of the fields and terminology. In many cases, this could be the user's first contribution or interaction with the project.

It is critically important that all JBS members follow the Code of Conduct and show courtesy and respect in all tracker comments. Remember, we are the ambassadors of the Joomla! project, and the way we behave reflects on the whole project. People will naturally be unhappy if an issue they report is not taken seriously or if they feel that it was closed improperly. So we need to be sensitive to that fact, while of course making the what we believe to be the correct decision. For example, if you close an issue as Not a Bug, please put a comment in telling the reporter why in a nice way.

Also, if someone is not following the Code of Conduct in a tracker comment, please point this out in a respectful way and remind the person that we need to follow the CoC at all times. If there is a persistent problem, please let your Team Leader or a JBS Coordinator know so we can take action. We absolutely do not want to tolerate rude or disrespectful behavior in the tracker or forum.


Suggestions about how to work in the tracker.

The purpose of the tracker team is mainly to help move new "Open" issues into other statuses.

It is also to keep the tracker well organized and useful for everyone.

You can help make this happen with just 15 minutes of work.

Open Issues[edit]

The easiest thing to do is to filter the tracker for open items. Sort by open date either ascending (to see the oldest items) or descending (to see the newest items).

Just pick an issue and see if you can move it into one of the other statuses. If you don't understand the issue or aren't sure you do, ask on Glip or on the mailing list.

Information Required[edit]

It's important to follow up on issues with the status of information required. If you sort by modified date descending you will find the information required issues that have changed. Read the information and decide what status to make them or if more information is needed. If there is no response to an information request for more than two weeks, you may close the issue making a note of this.

Confirmed and Pending[edit]

Although these are not the main focus of the tracker team sometimes you may want to look at older confirmed and pending issues to see if the issue still exists in the trunk. You can also ask the poster something like "does this issue still exist?" if you are not sure how to check it.