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Joomla 4 Tutorials-Projekt

Das Joomla! Joomla! Dokumentations-Tutorial-Projekt konzentriert sich auf die Bereitstellung von Tutorials, die Einsteigern und Entwicklern bei den wichtigsten Änderungen von Joomla 4 helfen. Das Joomla Docs Wiki wird gemeinschaftlich von der Community erstellt und gepflegt. Jeder kann sich am Joomla 4 Tutorials Project beteiligen! Es gibt in diesem JDOC-Projekt viele kleine Aufgaben, die in Kombination dazu beitragen, qualitativ hochwertige Tutorials für unerfahrene und fortgeschrittene Joomla! Entwickler zu erstellen. Zeigen Sie anderen, dass Sie am Joomla-Projekt interessiert sind, und melden Sie sich auf der Diskussionsseite für dieses Docs-Wiki-Projekt an.


Hier sind ein paar Aufgaben, um dieses Projekt in Gang zu bringen:

Diesem JDOC-Projekt beitreten

You don't need to join the Documentation Team to help improve and maintain the Joomla! Documentation Wiki. You don't need to be an expert on writing Joomla! extensions! There are many tasks which can help you learn Joomla! development while helping maintain the Tutorial pages. Please note that registration on this wiki is entirely separate from registration on other Joomla! sites, such as the Joomla! forum.
  • Just Register and login on this wiki to get started.
  • Already registered, sign up to help this particular JDOC Project on the Talk page with your wiki signature ('4' tildes '~~~~') and task(s). Make sure you check the 'Watch this page' box or alternatively, you can add the project page to your Watchlist. It will keep you up to date on the project.
For example:
~~~~ - categorisation
~~~~ - technical review
~~~~ - project tasks page
~~~~ - update project tasks page, technical reviewer
  • Not sure you can help this project, or think you can help somewhere else? Join a different JDOC Project! The Joomla! Docs Wiki is a collaborative community-contributed resource of the Joomla! project. Everyone's help is appreciated and needed to maintain it.
Want to help but don't know how?

If you would like to contribute to the Wiki and just don't know where to start, please contact a member of the Documentation Team.

Help Improve the Joomla! Docs Wiki


What is the goal of this project?

To create, improve and maintain a high quality set of developer tutorials.

Do I have join this project to contribute to the Tutorial pages?

Not at all, but it helps to centralized the effort and keep duplicate work to a minimum on the Docs Wiki. See below, How much time...

Why do I have to sign up on for the project?

You are letting others know how you will contribute, even if it is in a small way. It will also add the discussion page to your Watchlist if you check the 'Watch this page' before you post. This is so you will receive news and more user notices of involvement in the project.

How much time is involved? I'm just too busy right now.

Your time and contributions are always appreciated! One small task might take only 5 mins a week of time (e.g. adding one page in a Tutorial series to your Watchlist to track changes). See above, Do I have to join to contribute...




Das JDOC Joomla 4 Tutorials-Projekt wurde am Samstag, den 08. Dezember 2018 gestartet, um den Benutzern des Joomla! Dokumentation-Wiki zu helfen.