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Projeto de Tutoriais para o Joomla 4

This Joomla! Documentation Wiki Tutorial Project is focused on providing tutorials to help Beginners and Developers with the main changes of Joomla 4. The Joomla Docs Wiki is collaborative, community-contributed and maintained, anyone can get involved in the Joomla 4 Tutorials Project! There are many small tasks in this JDOC project that when combined together will help produce high quality tutorials for beginner and intermediate Joomla! developers. Show others your interest in the Joomla project, sign up to help with this Docs Wiki Project on the discussion page.

Tutoriais do Joomla 4 mantidos

For Newcomers





For Upgraders

For Maintainers

For Developers

For Documenters


=====Joomla 4.x Extensions - Simple working examples explained=====

Lista de Tarefas

Estas são algumas das 'tarefas' para começar este projetoː

  • What's changed in Joomla 4? (vs backwards compatibility)
  • Custom Admin User Dashboards
  • Plugin: System - Additional Accessibility Features
  • Upgrading Joomla 4: Pre Update Check


Joomla 4 User Manual Experiment

Other Sources

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Qual é o objetivo deste projeto?

To create, improve and maintain a high quality set of developer tutorials.

Eu tenho de aderir a este projeto para contribuir nas páginas do 'Tutorial'?

Not at all, but it helps to centralized the effort and keep duplicate work to a minimum on the Docs Wiki. See below, How much time...

Eu tenho de registar-me neste projeto?

You are letting others know how you will contribute, even if it is in a small way. It will also add the discussion page to your Watchlist if you check the 'Watch this page' before you post. This is so you will receive news and more user notices of involvement in the project.

Quanto tempo é que é preciso? Eu estou muito ocupado agora.

Your time and contributions are always appreciated! One small task might take only 5 mins a week of time (e.g. adding one page in a Tutorial series to your Watchlist to track changes). See above, Do I have to join to contribute...

Membros deste Projeto



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