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Patrick Jackson (partic)

As CMS's were establishing themselves in the early 2000's, I checked out as many as I could before discovering Mambo. It was by far the most intuitive and straight forward solution I could find in 2003, and so I started using it to implement a few sites. Shortly after, the project forked... in 2005 I moved with many users across to Joomla!

Since then, and over 200 sites later, I've made a niche for my business by using Joomla.

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Since the Joomla Documentation Wiki was setup, 4,860 users have made 1,202,498 edits to 9,671 articles on the Joomla Documentation site. However, we need more helpers still... in the past 30 days just 35 users have actively made contributions. Get started contributing to Joomla! Documentation

Here's my list of contributions, and am planning on many more. If you're getting started contributing to the Joomla documentation, here's some places to get going:

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