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This is a placeholder for the Joomla! info page project.

The objective of this project is to guide non-English reading people to Joomla! resources in their own language. That objective can be accomplished by offering concise information pages about Joomla! in different languages. The information compiled at this documentation website might be reused at in the future.

A page should contain basic info like:

  • What is Joomla?
  • Where to download Joomla? Joomla! itself, Language packs for that language, extensions (Link to Extension website)
  • How to get support? link to international language forum at, links to local Joomla! community support sites and forums
  • How to contribute?

Please use the English Joomla! info page as template for other languages, translate to your language, and localize for your country (add local JUGs, add local community sites).

For questions contact: mathevenet[at]

Available language pages

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