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The Mission of the Update Working Group has ended in August 2016 and the group has been dissolved.

The Update Working Group was part of the Production Working Group that was responsible for finding ways to make updating, upgrading, or migrating Joomla!, a simpler and smoother experience.

Official support for Joomla! 2.5 is scheduled to end at the end of 2014. Users need to be encouraged to start planning and upgrading to Joomla! 3.x. Tips and resources will help to prevent issues during upgrading, and remove anxiety from the upgrade process.

A large number of Joomla! web sites are still on 1.5.x. These users require a lot more help and guidance to successfully migrate their websites to 3.x.

The Update Working Group will collate current resources relating to Joomla! upgrades and migrations, write new content where needed, and liaise with Documentation, Production and Marketing to coordinate efforts.

Team Members

  • Coordinator(s): open to a volunteer, please contact George Wilson
  • PLT Contacts: To Be Determined
  • George Wilson, Jennifer Gress, Nick Savov, Connie Lippert, see Volunteer Portal for a more detailed list of our volunteers

How do I volunteer?

Please send an email to Jacques or one of the PLT contacts and you will be added to the communication channel for this working group.



The next steps in this team are:

1. Documentation (docs.joomla.org)

  • locate, organize and update current content. (update 13 Apr 2015 - small number of articles (mainly legacy) need to be sorted out more)
  • add new content where needed.
  • structure for Update (update, upgrade, migration) content

2. Production (changes to the CMS)

  • Finding solutions to assist users before and during upgrade/migration, for instance:
    • pre-upgrade-check to see if server or extensions are compatible.
    • post-upgrade-check to see if update completed without error, and if not, to roll back update. (dropped)
    • An official Project-supported migration tool for 1.5 to 3.x. (dropped)
    • Finding and fixing any upgrade-related bugs (out of scope)
    • Working with Extension developers to ensure smooth upgrades.

3. Marketing (content for joomla.org, PR and Social Media)

  • Create dedicated section on joomla.org that collates all the upgrade information, and guides the user through the process or toward resources.
  • Create visual help
  • Promote this Upgrade recourse via events, conferences, PR, releases, social media
  • Magazine articles on migrations, building a knowledge base

4. Translations

  • Translate content into multiple languages (Translation Teams and other volunteers).


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Known Content on Joomla! Documentation

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Known Content not on Joomla! Documentation

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