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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
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Below is a list of articles in need of some attention, then categorised by intended profile. There will be overlap so treat these lists as a rough guide only.

Remember, if you want to help with translation of our documentation you should go to the page specifically for Documentation Translators and sign up. We have over 60 active contributors helping translate our documentation! Join the group and have some fun but don't delay, there are a few tasks you need to complete. You will get translator approval, a friendly welcome message, and added to the group chat for translators. There are lots of great people willing to help get you started.

Please Remember

When you begin editing a page please add {{inuse}} to the top of the page before you start working on it so that others do not create conflicting changes to the same page. Then don't forget to remove it again when you have finished! Thank you.

Where to start? Confused? Confused.png[edit]

Looking for a topic to write about? Please consider helping complete an article under construction listed here first before creating any new articles. We are trying to organise our content, find holes, note and fix them, or document future features being released.

For small tasks look in the Quick Tasks (below). These will mainly be editing for misspelling, grammar, and flow. 5 minute reads, and they can be cleared out. There are category lists about many topics of need on docs, here are a few:

Otherwise, look down this page and browse the links.

Quick Tasks (Reviews and Images)[edit]

This is a list of small tasks that should be quick to get done and might be a good introduction to working on the documentation. These are a list of pages which are added manually because they are high traffic pages. Please remove them once they have been edited.

This is a list of pages added auto-magically in need of copyediting in general so they can be moved to translation status.

List of all articles belonging to the Needs Copyediting category. They really just need another editor to review them quickly or upload appropriate images.

New Joomla Features[edit]

This list is for features just released or being released in the near future. Please add to the list by editing the section with an appropriate, descriptive title using the J#.x: prefix (only if it is version specific), e.g. [[J3.x:A Descriptive Title]]. Then add a short summary of what it should contain.

J3.4 Release[edit]

Documentation Help by Profile[edit]

Below you will find a listing of articles which need attention. They are broken down by the profile, which means the level of knowledge needed to review the article.


Users are visitors to a Joomla! website. Administrators are persons that install and maintain the website. The assumption is that these people will not know how to write code.

List of all articles belonging to both the categories Needs Review and Management (Administration).

Web Designers[edit]

Web designers are those people tasked with creating a Joomla! website that will later be looked after by an administrator. These people can be assumed to know about HTML and CSS but may have only minimal knowledge of PHP.

List of all articles belonging to both the categories Needs review and Template specific article.

Core Developers[edit]

By core developers we mean developers who are contributing to the Joomla! core distribution which includes the core extensions as well as the Framework.

List of all articles belonging to the categories Needs review and Core or Bug Squad No articles found

Third-party Developers[edit]

By third-party developers we mean developers who are working on extensions to Joomla! (components, modules, plugins and templates) which are made available separately from the Joomla! distribution.

List of all articles belonging to both the categories Needs review and Extension developers.


These people may be testing functionality from a user perspective or they may be developers testing the code itself.

List of all articles belonging to both the categories Needs review and Testing.

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Under Construction[edit]

Articles that are under construction and need help getting to the review point.

List of all articles belonging to the category Article Under Construction.


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