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Site Menu

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Site_Control_Panel Site -> Control Panel cpanel/cpanel No help screen. -
Site_My_Profile Site -> My Profile admin/profile JHELP_ADMIN_USER_PROFILE_EDIT Not started.
Site_Global_Configuration Site -> Global Configuration config/application JHELP_SITE_GLOBAL_CONFIGURATION Not started.
Site_Maintenance_Global_Check-in Site -> Maintenance -> Global Check-in checkin/checkin JHELP_SITE_MAINTENANCE_GLOBAL_CHECK-IN Not started.
Site_Maintenance_Clear_Cache Site -> Maintenance -> Clear Cache cache/cache JHELP_SITE_MAINTENANCE_CLEAR_CACHE Not started.
Site_Maintenance_Purge_Expired_Cache Site -> Maintenance -> Purge Expired Cache cache/purge JHELP_SITE_MAINTENANCE_PURGE_EXPIRED_CACHE Not started.
Site_System_Information Site -> System Information admin/sysinfo JHELP_SITE_SYSTEM_INFORMATION Not started.

Users Menu

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Users_User_Manager Users -> User Manager users/users JHELP_USERS_USER_MANAGER Not started.
Users_User_Manager_Edit Users -> User Manager -> New/Edit users/user JHELP_USERS_USER_MANAGER_EDIT Not started.
Users_Groups Users -> Groups users/groups JHELP_USERS_GROUPS Not started.
Users_Groups_Edit Users -> Groups -> New/Edit users/group JHELP_USERS_GROUPS_EDIT Not started.
Users_Access_Levels Users -> Access Levels users/levels JHELP_USERS_ACCESS_LEVELS Not started.
Users_Access_Levels_Edit Users -> Access Levels -> New/Edit users/level JHELP_USERS_ACCESS_LEVELS_EDIT Not started.
Users_User_Notes User -> User Notes users/notes Missing toolbar button. Not started.
Users_User_Notes_Edit Users -> User Notes -> New/Edit users/note Missing toolbar button. Not started.
Users_User_Note_Categories Users -> User Note Categories categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_USERS_NOTES_CATEGORIES Not started.
Users_User_Note_Category Users -> User Note Categories -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_USERS_NOTES_CATEGORY_ADD Not started.
Users_Mass_Mail_Users Users -> Mass Mail Users users/mail JHELP_USERS_MASS_MAIL_USERS Not started.

Menus Menu

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Menus_Menu_Manager Menus -> Menu Manager menus/menus JHELP_MENUS_MENU_MANAGER Not started.
Menus_Menu_Manager_Edit Menus -> Menu Manager -> New/Edit menus/menu JHELP_MENUS_MENU_MANAGER_EDIT Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Manager Menus -> [Menu name] menus/items JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_MANAGER Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Manager_Edit Menus -> [Menu name] -> New/Edit menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_MANAGER_EDIT Not started.

Menu Item Types

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Menus_Menu_Item_Contact_Categories Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List All Contact Categories menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_CONTACT_CATEGORIES Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Contact_Category Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List Contacts in a Category menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_CONTACT_CATEGORY Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Contact_Single_Contact Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Single Contact menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_CONTACT_SINGLE_CONTACT Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Contact_Featured Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Featured Contacts menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_CONTACT_FEATURED Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Newsfeed_Categories Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List All News Feed Categories menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_NEWSFEED_CATEGORIES Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Newsfeed_Category Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List News Feeds in a Category menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_NEWSFEED_CATEGORY Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Newsfeed_Single_Newsfeed Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Single News Feed menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_NEWSFEED_SINGLE_NEWSFEED Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Weblink_Categories Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List All Web Link Categories menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_WEBLINK_CATEGORIES Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Weblink_Category Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List Web Links in a Category menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_WEBLINK_CATEGORY Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Weblink_Submit Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Submit a Web Link menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_WEBLINK_SUBMIT Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_External_Url Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> External URL menus/item  ? Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Alias Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Menu Item Alias menus/item  ? Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Text_Separator Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Text Separator menus/item  ? Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Archived Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Archived Articles menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_ARCHIVED Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Single_Article Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Single Article menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_SINGLE_ARTICLE Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Categories Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> List All Categories menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_CATEGORIES Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Category_Blog Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Category Blog menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_CATEGORY_BLOG Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Category_List Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Category List menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_CATEGORY_LIST Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Featured Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Featured Articles menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_FEATURED Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Article_Create Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Create Article menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_ARTICLE_CREATE Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Search_Results Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Search Form or Search Results menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_SEARCH_RESULTS Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Login Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Login Form menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_LOGIN Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Profile Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> User Profile menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_PROFILE Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Profile_Edit Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Edit User Profile menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_PROFILE_EDIT Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Registration Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Registration Form menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_REGISTRATION Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Reminder Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Username Reminder Request menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_REMINDER Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_User_Password_Reset Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Password Reset menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_USER_PASSWORD_RESET Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Wrapper Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Iframe Wrapper menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_WRAPPER Not started.
Menus_Menu_Item_Finder_Search Menus -> [Menu name] -> New -> Smart Search menus/item JHELP_MENUS_MENU_ITEM_FINDER_SEARCH Not started.

Content Menu

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Content_Article_Manager Content -> Article Manager content/articles JHELP_CONTENT_ARTICLE_MANAGER Not started.
Content_Article_Manager_Edit Content -> Article Manager -> New/Edit content/article JHELP_CONTENT_ARTICLE_MANAGER_EDIT Not started.
Components_Content_Categories Content -> Category Manager categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTENT_CATEGORIES Not started.
Components_Content_Categories_Edit Content -> Category Manager -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTENT_CATEGORY_EDIT Not started.
Content_Featured_Articles Content -> Featured Articles content/featured JHELP_CONTENT_FEATURED_ARTICLES Not started.
Content_Media_Manager Content -> Media Manager media/media JHELP_CONTENT_MEDIA_MANAGER Not started.

Components Menu

Help screen Path in user interface Component/view Language key Status
Components_Banners_Banners Components -> Banners -> Banners banners/banners JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_BANNERS Not started.
Components_Banners_Banners_Edit Components -> Banners -> Banners -> New/Edit banners/banner JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_BANNERS_EDIT Not started.
Components_Banners_Categories Components -> Banners -> Categories categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_CATEGORIES Not started.
Components_Banners_Categories_Edit Components -> Banners -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_CATEGORY_EDIT Not started.
Components_Banners_Clients Components -> Banners -> Clients banners/clients JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_CLIENTS Not started.
Components_Banners_Clients_Edit Components -> Banners -> Clients -> New/Edit banners/client JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_CLIENTS_EDIT Not started.
Components_Banners_Tracks Components -> Banners -> Tracks banners/tracks JHELP_COMPONENTS_BANNERS_TRACKS Not started.
Components_Contacts_Contacts Components -> Contacts -> Contacts contact/contacts JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTACTS_CONTACTS Not started.
Components_Contacts_Contacts_Edit Components -> Contacts -> Contacts -> New/Edit contact/contact JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTACTS_CONTACTS_EDIT Not started.
Components_Contact_Categories Components -> Contacts -> Categories categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTACT_CATEGORIES Not started.
Components_Contact_Categories_Edit Components -> Contacts -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_CONTACT_CATEGORY_EDIT Not started.
Components_Messaging_Write Components -> Messaging -> New Private Message  ? JHELP_COMPONENTS_MESSAGING_WRITE Not started.
Components_Messaging_Inbox Components -> Messaging -> Read Private Messages messages/messages JHELP_COMPONENTS_MESSAGING_INBOX Not started.
Components_Messaging_Read Components -> Messaging -> Read Private Messages -> [Message] messages/message JHELP_COMPONENTS_MESSAGING_READ Not started.
Components_Newsfeeds_Feeds Components -> Newsfeeds -> Feeds newsfeeds/newsfeeds JHELP_COMPONENTS_NEWSFEEDS_FEEDS Not started.
Components_Newsfeeds_Feeds_Edit Components -> Newsfeeds -> Feeds -> New/Edit newsfeeds/newsfeed JHELP_COMPONENTS_NEWSFEEDS_FEEDS_EDIT Not started.
Components_Newsfeeds_Categories Components -> Newsfeeds -> Categories categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_NEWSFEEDS_CATEGORIES Not started.
Components_Newsfeeds_Categories_Edit Components -> Newsfeeds -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_NEWSFEEDS_CATEGORY_EDIT Not started.
Components_Redirect_Manager Components -> Redirect redirect/links JHELP_COMPONENTS_REDIRECT_MANAGER Not started.
Components_Redirect_Manager_Edit Components -> Redirect Manager -> New/Edit redirect/link JHELP_COMPONENTS_REDIRECT_MANAGER_EDIT Not started.
Components_Search Components -> Search search/searches JHELP_COMPONENTS_SEARCH Not started.
Components_Finder_Manage_Indexed_Content Components -> Smart Search finder/index JHELP_COMPONENTS_FINDER_MANAGE_INDEXED_CONTENT Not started.
Components_Finder_Manage_Content_Maps Components -> Smart Search -> Content Maps finder/maps JHELP_COMPONENTS_FINDER_MANAGE_CONTENT_MAPS Not started.
Components_Finder_Manage_Search_Filters Components -> Smart Search -> Search Filters finder/filters JHELP_COMPONENTS_FINDER_MANAGE_SEARCH_FILTERS Not started.
Components_Finder_Manage_Search_Filter_Edit Components -> Smart Search -> Search Filters -> New/Edit finder/filter Missing toolbar button Not started.
Components_Weblinks_Links Components -> Weblinks -> Links weblinks/weblinks JHELP_COMPONENTS_WEBLINKS_LINKS Not started.
Components_Weblinks_Links_Edit Components -> Weblinks -> Links -> New/Edit weblinks/weblink JHELP_COMPONENTS_WEBLINKS_LINKS_EDIT Not started.
Components_Weblinks_Categories Components -> Weblinks -> Categories categories/categories JHELP_COMPONENTS_WEBLINKS_CATEGORIES Not started.
Components_Weblinks_Categories_Edit Components -> Weblinks -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category JHELP_COMPONENTS_WEBLINKS_CATEGORY_EDIT Not started.

Extensions Menu

Joomla 2.5.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 2.5.x Component/view Status
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Install Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install installer/install Not started.
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Update Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Update installer/update Not started.
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Manage Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Manage installer/manage Not started.
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Discover Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Discover installer/discover Not started.
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Warnings Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Warnings installer/warnings Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager Extensions -> Module Manager modules/modules Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Site_New Extensions -> Module Manager -> Site -> New modules/module Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Administrator_New Extensions -> Module Manager -> Administrator -> New modules/module Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Module Manager -> Edit modules/module Not started.
Extensions_Plugin_Manager Extensions -> Plugin Manager plugins/plugins Not started.
Extensions_Plugin_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Edit plugins/plugin Not started.
Extensions_Template_Manager_Styles Extensions -> Template Manager -> Styles templates/styles Not started.
Extensions_Template_Manager_Styles_Edit Extensions -> Template Manager -> Styles -> Edit templates/style Not started.
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates templates/templates Not started.
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates_Edit Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates -> Edit templates/template Not started.
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates_Edit_Source Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates -> [Template] -> Edit [Source] templates/source Not started.
Extensions_Language_Manager_Installed Extensions -> Language Manager -> Installed languages/installed Not started.
Extensions_Language_Manager_Content Extensions -> Language Manager -> Content languages/languages Not started.
Extensions_Language_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Language Manager -> Content -> New/Edit languages/language Not started.

Module Manager Module Types

Joomla 2.5.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 2.5.x Component/view Status
Extensions_Module_Manager_Articles_Archive Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Archived Articles mod_articles_archive Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Articles_Categories Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Articles Categories mod_articles_categories Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Articles_Category Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Articles Category mod_articles_category Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Latest_News Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Latest News mod_articles_latest Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Articles_Newsflash Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Articles - Newsflash mod_articles_news Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Most_Read Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Most Read Content mod_articles_popular Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Banners Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Banners mod_banners Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Breadcrumbs Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Breadcrumbs mod_breadcrumbs Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Custom_HTML Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Custom HTML mod_custom Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Feed_Display Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Feed Display mod_feed Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Footer Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Footer mod_footer Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Language_Switcher Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Language Switcher mod_languages Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Login Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Login mod_login Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Menu Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Menu mod_menu Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Random_Image Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Random Image mod_random_image Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Articles_Related Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Articles - Related Articles mod_related_items Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Search Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Search mod_search Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Statistics Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Statistics mod_stats Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Syndication_Feeds Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Syndication Feeds mod_syndicate Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Latest_Users Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Latest Users mod_users_latest Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Weblinks Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Weblinks mod_weblinks Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Who_Online Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Who's Online mod_whosonline Not started.
Extensions_Module_Manager_Wrapper Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> Wrapper mod_wrapper Not started.